Dispute Resolution and Mediation

Dispute Resolution and Mediation

Our firm’s dispute resolution team has extensive experience in providing assistance to sector leading businesses, operating both locally and abroad, in all aspects of preventing disputes and aiming to resolve issues prior to trial. Our lawyers collaborate with clients to identify and execute the most advantageous business-oriented solutions, either by pursuing or by defending in litigation proceedings, or through alternative methods such as mediation.

Our approach is to help our clients avoid litigation wherever possible. When litigation is unavoidable, we discuss with our clients their objectives and evaluate the legal, commercial, reputational risks involved. We proceed on a basis tailored to our clients’ needs in line with our team’s experience.

We represent international and local clients in high-level disputes before commercial, employment, administrative, tax, administrative and criminal courts and appeal processes.

We also provide mediation services for civil law disputes including those with foreign elements, as regards to matters that are at the parties' disposal, as one of our founding partners, Att. Ahu Pamukkale Günbay is a mediator registered under Ministry of Justice.

On the other hand, together with our employment law team, we provide specialised legal advice to corporations, business entities and individuals on criminal liability issues such as fraud, forgery of documents, unfair competition and abuse of trust by employees and executives, with criminal investigations, legal proceedings and criminal litigations. We represent and defend corporations, business entities and individuals in cases of criminal investigations that are subject to potential charges or are involved in litigation.

We are also competent and experienced in compliance services such as compliance trainings and internal investigations. As part of our compliance practice, we use substantive skills in all relevant areas of the law to assist our clients to avoid issues before they arise through various means such as preparation of compliance programs and development of legal policy.