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Compliance Law

Compliance Law

The Compliance team provides specialised legal advice in all corporate compliance matters such as fraud, misappropriation, forgery of documents and unfair competition, criminal investigations, legal proceedings and criminal litigations, abuse of trust by employees and directors and liabilities of directors and managers.

Considering especially potential cross-border effects of legislation such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (USA) and the Bribery Act (UK), companies may face criminal and administrative penalties as well as civil lawsuits due to irregularities within their organizations, both from their own government and from other states. The development and implementation of an effective corporate compliance program is a company’s first line of defence against criminal and regulatory misconduct and will limit the exposure of the company to penalties pursuant to applicable laws. The existence of an effectively implemented compliance program assures all relevant stakeholders – shareholders, governments, employees, business partners, clients and customers – that the company is dedicated to running a legal business. It can even be brought to courts as a legal defence against charges of misconduct.

Compliance team is capable of developing programs tailored to a particular industry and any company within that industry. These programs are designed to instruct employees about the complexities of the laws governing their company, particular vulnerabilities a company may face, and overall ethical behaviour. The clients we have assisted are now much better positioned to prevent and detect corporate misconduct.