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Bulletin Details

Information on the Circular Regarding Requesting PCR Test from Employees Not Vaccinated for Covid-19 at Workplaces

In accordance with the Circular of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security (“Ministry”) dated September 3, 2021 (“Circular”); 

  • It is reminded that employers are obliged to inform all their employees regarding the protective and preventive measures against the health and safety risks that may be encountered at the workplace, and the employers are requested to inform their employee in written, whose COVID-19 vaccine has not been done/completed.
  • The employees who have not been vaccinated shall be informed by the employer with regards to the possible consequences of a definitive diagnosis of COVID-19 in terms of labour and social security legislation.
  • As of September 6, 2021, the employees who are not vaccinated against COVID-19 may be required to have a PCR test mandatorily once a week, by the employer, and the test results shall be recorded within the workplace for necessary procedures.

Although this application has been regulated through a Circular by the Ministry rather than a law, the Circular clearly supports the views that the employer may impose sanctions on employees who are not vaccinated or do not bring PCR tests.